How We Approach Interventions

Our Intervention Core Principles

Safety – The desire to help someone who has gotten themselves deep into an addictive spiral can be powerful. Creating a safe space for everyone involved is our first priority

Customization – Each family is absolutely unique and every intervention is customized to fit your needs using every clinical tool available

Attachment Based – Collaborative Interventions are built on the premise that each person has had a strong relationship with the addict. The power of bringing together important people with love and caring to offer the gift of caring begins the process of healing deep attachment wounds.

Respect & Compassion – Alcoholism & addiction are medical conditions and everyone impacted deserves and receives the utmost respect and caring, especially from helping professionals.

Invitational approach – Our hope is to have the person who is being intervened on feel respected and deeply cared about. To that end, we will endeavor to invite them to join us for a meeting to talk together.

Overcoming Shame – Shame is key emotion in addictions. Openness, authenticity, honesty and caring are components of collaborative intervention that begin the process of overcoming shame, healing addiction and codependency.

A Selfish Act of Love – Addictions have the potential to be lethal at any time. It is lovingly selfish for families to feel certain they’ve reached out in the most powerful and loving way possible.

A Gift – Intervention is not to be confused with confrontation. It also can’t be legally forced in most situations. In every way, it is truly a gift from those who care most for the addict/alcoholic.

Independent Placement – Assessing clinical needs, insurance, finances and more, we work to find the right treatment program for your family. As an independent interventionist with no financial connections to any program, only your interests are represented.

Mutuality – When everyone involved is given the chance to clearly voice their thoughts, feelings and opinions, the team as a whole grows more committed and self-assured.

Family education – Addictions impact the whole family. We look to help families begin to understand what has been happening to them in a new way – seeing codependency and addictive processes with a whole new clarity.

Coaching & Therapy – Families often need support well beyond the intervention. Collaborative Intervention recognizes these needs and provides various options to fit you and your family’s specific situation – through our resources or local referrals for you.

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